Don't settle for LTE bandaids.
Upgrade existing customers to the IQ Panel with LTE

With innovative software features, IQ Panel is perfect for your LTE upgrades.


- LTE & Wi-Fi Dual Path keep you connected
- Dual SRF featuring PowerG for industry best encryption and easy takeovers
- Exciting features like Bluetooth Disarming, Live Answer, and Disarm Photos from the built-in camera increase usage

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Until Dec 31, 2019 you can receive additional rebates when you upgrade accounts from 3G to LTE.


Rebate #1: $30 (Existing Accounts or Competitive Conversions)*

Paid when you upgrade an account from 3G to IQ Panel 2 Plus with Dual-Path LTE and Wi-Fi.
- Must enroll in the program (form below)
- Eligible accounts: Any of your existing accounts with 3G radios, or competitive conversions (see rebate #2 for details).
- Rebate to be paid automatically to the distributor indicated in the form below.
- Note: Switch overs from competitors not eligible.

Rebate #2: $30 (Competitive Conversions)

Paid when you convert a 3G system NOT on to IQ Panel 2 Plus with LTE.
- Must complete "competitive conversion" form during account creation process.
- Eligible accounts: Any non account moving to
- Rebate to be paid once approval of submission is complete, credited to your account.

Bonus rebate: $30 (Adding ProVideo with Analytics)

Paid when you add ProVideo with analytics to either of the account types above.
- Can currently only be paired with Rebate #2 (combining with rebate #1 coming soon)
- Requires ProVideo account with at least one indoor or outdoor camera.
- Rebate to be paid once approval of submission is complete, credited to your account.

*Manufacturer's suggested discount or price. Discounts and prices may vary. Contact your Qolsys Distributor for details. Advertised special pricing or discounts are only available through participating Qolsys Distributors.

To locate your support ID in the partner portal, login and click your name in the top right. From the Mobile Tech app, login and touch the menu icon in the top left, then scroll to the bottom of the menu.
Where credit is supplied.
Rebate credit will be applied to this account until further notice. To change your chosen distributor or account number, please resubmit this form.
By submitting this form, I am giving permission to provide Qolsys with information sufficient to facilitate payment pursuant to the program.

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